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June 20 2010


new product alert! - flavoured water

check out this fantastic new line extension of Austrians beverage company "Vöslauer": mango - orange blossom.

ok, mango is not the most innovative fruit in the world, but it is THE fruit of 2010. most of all recent product launches in all categories are mango. so this step just make sense, but the combined flavour is the real interesting one!

orange blossom - that's the real trend we should talk about it. flower flavours are on the rise and I am sure we will see more of them throughout the next year. Thanks god, companies recognized finally that there are more flowers than rose...

watch out the flower-power motion!
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one of the most beautiful blogs on food and cooking ever!

March 06 2010


a new day at foodcouture

alright. we are up to start and working on finalizing the latest trends for you out there. just to give you a brief outlook on what's coming next:

cosmeto food - bringing the beauty right now also from inside.

interested in this or any other topic about new food products, give us a call: +43/680/3072670

February 21 2010


the birth of foodcouture

today is the day everything started. a new dimension in marketing. a new dimension in product development. foodcouture.

bringing you the latest trendsetting concepts on earth. right here. right now.
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